The Beachouse Restaurant Menu

We believe whole-heartedly in healthy local meals. Every day, our chef carefully selects freshly caught seafood, market-fresh fruit and seasonal veggies to create our beautiful restaurant dishes.

For breakfast we offer a free continental breakfast plus a-la-carte cooked options.

Lunch is also a-la-carte, with a full menu from hearty burgers, to healthy salads, to locally spiced curries.

The dinner menu changes every night, but you can expect two delectable meat options, one scrumptious vegetarian dish and a light option for those who filled up on free afternoon scones.

Afternoon tea is a tradition around here. Everyday at 3:30pm we share free tea, coffee, scones and jam. On the house.

Menu Favourites

Kokoda is traditional Fijian

A traditional favourite made with fresh fish, spicy local greens in a chilled coconut cream sauce spiced with zesty citrus

Fresh Wahoo fillets

Wahoo Fillets
Pan simmered fresh wahoo fillets served with pumpkin and local spinach salad and taro hash cakes.

Avocado and Capsicum Pasta

Avocado & Capsicum Pasta
Hand-rolled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, onion, cilantro and honey dip.

Chocolate Brownie and Ice Cream with nuts

Brownie & Ice Cream
A generous slab of rich, rich and heavy chocolate brownie served with ice cream, chocolate topping and nuts.

Typical Dinner Menu

  • Avocado and Capsicum Pasta   -   Hand-rolled with avocado, sundried tomatoes, onion, cilantro and honey dip.   -   $10 AUD
  • Lamb Shanks with Dalo Fries   -   Thick oven-baked dalo slices, served with fresh aioli and homemade salsa.   -   $18 AUD
  • Seafood Chowder   -   A pot-puri of crab, clams, coral trout and sweet potato in a creamy cocnut sauce.   -   $8 AUD
  • Grilled Yellowfin   -   Served on a potatoe mash with melted cheeses, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.   -   $15 AUD


  • Sex on the Beach   -   Vodka, liqueur, champagne, blended with ice.   -   $12 AUD
  • Margarita   -   Olmeca tequila, triple sec, fruit, blended with ice.   -   $11 AUD
  • Pina Colada   -   Rum, triple sec, fruit, blended with ice.   -   $12 AUD
  • Daiquiri   -   White rum, fresh fruit, blended with ice.   -   $11 AUD

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